Bayard Editions and le 104 Paris present: Il était plusieurs fois. La chartreuse Avignon. Exhibition design. 2017
Illustrations: © Serge Bloch, Paper artworks: © Mireille Vautier, Photos 17,18: Aisa/Leemage, Ashley Gilbertson/VII
Freelance project. © Vicente Granger

Nine Shapes. Silkscreened poster and cards. Illustration. 2016
Personal project. © Vicente Granger

Museum Boijmans van Beuningen. Annual Report. 2015
© Made in a design team at Thonik.

Silkscreened Posters. Illustration. 2016
Personal project© Vicente Granger

SUEZ X Erik Orsenna X Le Figaro. Editorial Design. 2017
Freelance project © Made with Bearideas

Rewire Festival. Identity pitch. Refused proposals. 2015
Freelance work. © Vicente Granger

Heksenboek. Book design. 2015
© Made in a design team at Thonik.

Florianopolis design biennale. Flag design. 2015.
© Made in a design team at Thonik.

Various prints and posters. Self iniated or refused proposals. 2016-2017
Freelance or personal work © Vicente Granger

Peurile Vandalism. Fanzine. Photography. 2017
Personal project. © Vicente Granger © Marion Denoual

Sonsbeek. Window advertisement. 2014
© Made in a design team at Thonik.

Royer mixtape. lo-fi K7 cover. 2016
Personal project. © Vicente Granger

Eco-Emballages. Annual Report 2015. Editorial design and Illustration
Freelance project. © Made with Bearideas

Les Films du Losange. Catalog and cover design. 2016
Freelance work © Vicente Granger

Herbarium. Artist Catalog. 2015
Freelance work. © Vicente Granger

AHK. Conservatorium Poster. 2014
© Made in a design team at Thonik.

Museum Boijmans. New years card /exhibition invitation. 2015
© Made in a design team at Thonik

Power Station of Art. Exhibition posters. 2014
© Made in a design team at Thonik.

Rap Code. Photography. 2013
Scolar project. © Vicente Granger

Stadsschouwburg Haarlem. Annual report. 2014.
© Made in a design team at Thonik.

Les Fils De. Identity. 2014
Freelance project. © Vicente Granger

Gil Blache. Photographer's website. 2013
Freelance project. © Vicente Granger

Drop. Desord'oeuvre workshop. 2013
Personal project. © Vicente Granger

Hello, I’m Vicente Granger, a French graphic designer and art director based in Paris.

In my design approach I like to combine clear ideas with a clean execution. I also believe in solid visual concepts, strong typography and simplicity. Until now, I’ve been mostly designing books, posters, identities, exhibitions, apps, websites and I keep myself learning and experimenting new mediums or printing techniques as much as i can.

After my graphic design master degree in Paris,
I worked two years as a graphic designer at the studio Thonik in Amsterdam mostly for the cultural, social and political sector, for Dutch and international clients.

I’m now working as a freelance and I’m always open for new collaborations.


+33 6 28 49 41 48
61 rue de Lancry
75010 Paris


2015 > onward
freelance graphic designer
Paris, France

2013 > 2015
graphic designer at Thonik
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Selected clients :
Power Station of Art Shanghai
Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
Maven publishing
Florianopolis design biennale
Conservatorium van Amsterdam
Stadsschouwburg Haarlem
Stichting De Roos
De Nederlandse socialistische partij

2011 > 2013
master degree.
visual communication
Paris, France


Coding by:
Hugo des Gayets

© Vicente Granger.
© Made in a design team
at Thonik.

All rights reserved.
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No part of these pages, either text or images may be used for any purpose other than personal use, unless explicit authorisation is given.